The Bird on Your Chimney

Children in the northern part of the United States wait for the robin to come in the spring. Children in the northern countries of Europe wait for a bird much bigger than a robin-almost a hundred times bigger. Its long, thin legs make it about as tall as you! This bird is a stork.

There is a very special thing about storks. These great big birds like to build their nests on top of people’s house. Some people think it’s good luck for you if a stork builds its nest on top of your house. Maybe it is, because storks do help keep rats and mice and little snakes away from backyard gardens.

A story as old as the Santa Claus story says that storks bring the new babies to people’s houses and drop them down the chimneys into the waiting arms of mothers. Storks don’t of course. It’s only a pretend story. But storks are gentle and friendly creatures that seem to like to live close to people. Storks fly a long way across water and land to get where they are going. They fly so high in the air that you cab barely see them. But you can hear them.

Since storks are silent and never sing, do you wonder how people can hear them? When you are happy, you clap your hands. Go ahead-do it.And listen when you do. That’s the kind of happy clapping sound that storks make. They click their long red bills while they are flying. The sound floats down from the sky as the many beautiful white storks and a few black ones fly along on their great flapping wings, with their long legs hanging down behind them.

Two at a time, storks come down from the sky to housetops, where they will build their nests. It would be hard for storks to build their big, round nest on a sharp roof. So the children of the house beg their father to put a large wheel i=on the housetop or even on the chimney. The storks go to work at once building their large, messy nest by weaving sticks and straw in and out of the wheel spokes. Then they rest.

What do you do when you want to rest? Sit down? Lie down? Squat? Storks rest by standing on one leg! How long you can stand that way for hours and never look tired! The mother stork lay eggs and then kicks one egg out of the nest. Why? Only the stork knows, but people try to guess. Some say that she is paying her rent for use of the wheel. Children watch and wait, hoping to catch the egg as it falls.Usually they miss.

After the young storks are born, the children gather to watch the baby stork’s first wobbly steps on the sharp rooftop. The young storks grow fast all summer and when autumn is near they start exercising to get their wings strong for the long flight south. The storks stay away all winter, but in the spring they come clapping back to the northern countries, where happy children wait for them, hoping the big birds will again build nests on their rooftops.

The Animal That Plants Trees

Who argues with the blue jays, jumps from one tip-top tree branch to another tip-top tree branch, and runs around with its cheeks filled with nuts? The squirrel, of course. Can you see its parachute? And its umbrella? Can you find the extra blanket it’s carrying?Sure you can. It’s parachute is its tail. When it makes long jumps from branch to branch, it uses its tail to slow itself down in the air and to help itself land on its feet if it falls from a high place.

Its tail is also its umbrella when it rains. And when it’s cold-well, it uses its tail for a blanket.It even has other uses for its tail. The squirrel has many enemies, and it protects itself with its tail when it fights. Chatter-chatter-chatter. Who’s making all that noise.

A father squirrel is warning all the animals to stay away from his and mother squirrel’s new babies sleeping in the nest. When they can’t find a hollow tree, squirrels carry sticks and leaves and build nests in high tree branches. The father squirrel stays outside the nest, looking and listening and sniffing as he guards his family from animals that would like to steal his babies and eat them.

There are so many kinds of squirrels-grey squirrels, red squirrels, white squirrels, fox squirrels, ground squirrels and flying squirrels. Watch them chase one another up and down tree trunks along electric light wires-up and down the sides of buildings-and over the rooftops. Watch them hide nuts and pinecones in hollow trees or dig holes and bury them under the ground.

Because they live most of their lives in trees, baby squirrels must learn such things as how to walk headfirst down a tree and how to jump from one branch to another branch without falling. Then, someday their mother will take them down the tree trunk and teach them how to find mushrooms and grasshoppers to eat without being caught by a hawk, a weasel or a fox.

During the winter, when the ground is frozen or covered with snow, squirrels can eat the food they stored away. Nobody knows for sure how they find the nuts they bury. Maybe they smell them. Maybe they can see where the ground has been dug up a little. Squirrel in an oak or walnut forest bury so many nuts that it seems that they could dig almost anywhere and find an acorn or walnut.

Some of the hidden nuts are never found and many grow to become trees. Squirrels are a great help in keeping our forests growing. They plant more trees than almost anybody.

How Space Stations Will be Used

This is a “space bus” blasting off. The astronauts and space workers in this giant capsule are going to different places in space. But they start off together. Why?? The hardest part of a space trip is getting the rocket and capsule up off the ground. It takes a lot of fuel and many men working on the ground to get the rocket and capsule up through the air and away from the earth. Once the spacecraft is far away from the Earth, it takes very little fuel to make it move.

If three space teams are going to three different places-let’s say the moon, a space lab and another planet-there’s no reason to waste fuel by blasting three rockets into space. The teams can be blasted into space together to a special space station- a waiting station. The waiting station, far out in space, where the space bus stops, has the things that people need to live. It has food, water, oxygen, toilets and beds. It also has many of the things a waiting room at a bus or train station or airport on Earth would have.

The men who are going on long space trip will wait at the waiting station for their special outer space ship. This ship will be delivered from another space station-the space garage. The space garage has room for many spaceships. Before the spaceship is delivered, the space garage men put into it all the supplies needed for the long trip. The supplies have come from another space station, the space storehouse.

Whenever the storehouse needs more supplies, a large capsule filled with supplies a ” space freighter,” will be rocketed from Earth to the storehouse. Someday spaceships may be put together in a space-station factory. Another group that came from Earth in the space bus are scientists. Soon the laboratory bus will pick them up. This bus runs back and forth between the waiting station and laboratory station.

The workers bound for the moon will wait for the moon bus. The moon bis and the laboratory bus do not go to Earth. They just go back and forth between the waiting station and the moon or the laboratory. The space bus that came from the Earth will be checked by garage men before it returns to Earth, just as on Earth airplanes are checked before each trip. When it is ready to return, people from the moon bus and the laboratory bus who want to go back to Earth, will get aboard and the return trip will begin.

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