Flower with Face

There is a lovely flower called the pansy, which grows in garden and there is a fairy story that tells where the pansy came from in the first place. The story tells about a wicked queen who was angry because her son, the prince wanted to marry a beautiful girl who worked in the castle kitchen. The queen ordered her magician to turn the beautiful girl into something ugly so that the prince wouldn’t want to marry her.

The magician tried to turn the girl into a toad. But she was so sweet and lovely that the worst the magician could turn her into was a flower-the pansy. Even today some people think they can see a face in the pansy’s five petals. And if you pull off the petals one by one very slowly and carefully, you will uncover a fat little king, sitting there with his crown on, his feet in a pail of hot water.

Pansies grow in almost every color you can think of. Their petals are soft and deep-like velvet. Perhaps it is the heart shape of the pansies that has made people think of love when they look at them. Another name for pansies is kiss-me. One thing pansies don’t have is very much smell. There is even a fairy story about it. The story says that once upon a time pansies smelled so wonderfully good that people trampled the meadow grass in a rush to pick them. With the grass trampled the down, the gentle pansies worried that the cows might starve. So that their prayed that their smell be taken away. The story says that their prayer was granted so today pansies do not have very much smell. But they’re pretty. And if you keep picking them they will keep growing almost all summer.