How Space Stations Will be Used

This is a “space bus” blasting off. The astronauts and space workers in this giant capsule are going to different places in space. But they start off together. Why?? The hardest part of a space trip is getting the rocket and capsule up off the ground. It takes a lot of fuel and many men working on the ground to get the rocket and capsule up through the air and away from the earth. Once the spacecraft is far away from the Earth, it takes very little fuel to make it move.

If three space teams are going to three different places-let’s say the moon, a space lab and another planet-there’s no reason to waste fuel by blasting three rockets into space. The teams can be blasted into space together to a special space station- a waiting station. The waiting station, far out in space, where the space bus stops, has the things that people need to live. It has food, water, oxygen, toilets and beds. It also has many of the things a waiting room at a bus or train station or airport on Earth would have.

The men who are going on long space trip will wait at the waiting station for their special outer space ship. This ship will be delivered from another space station-the space garage. The space garage has room for many spaceships. Before the spaceship is delivered, the space garage men put into it all the supplies needed for the long trip. The supplies have come from another space station, the space storehouse.

Whenever the storehouse needs more supplies, a large capsule filled with supplies a ” space freighter,” will be rocketed from Earth to the storehouse. Someday spaceships may be put together in a space-station factory. Another group that came from Earth in the space bus are scientists. Soon the laboratory bus will pick them up. This bus runs back and forth between the waiting station and laboratory station.

The workers bound for the moon will wait for the moon bus. The moon bis and the laboratory bus do not go to Earth. They just go back and forth between the waiting station and the moon or the laboratory. The space bus that came from the Earth will be checked by garage men before it returns to Earth, just as on Earth airplanes are checked before each trip. When it is ready to return, people from the moon bus and the laboratory bus who want to go back to Earth, will get aboard and the return trip will begin.

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