Long Ears and Big Eyes

Rabbits have things that keep them safe-Long ears for hearing the slightest sound,Sharp claws for digging a nest in the ground, Big eyes for looking to see what’s around, strong legs for running in case they are found. The kind of a rabbit you’re most likely to see has a little white nub of a tail, like a fluff of cotton. That’s why it’s called a cotton tail rabbit.

The mother rabbit is gentle when she’s taking care of her babies.Before they’re born she builds a soft padded nest in a hollow scraped out under the grass or in a burrow between the big roots of a tree. She carefully shreds leaves and collects grass for a nest lining. Then she pulls bits of a fur from her thick coat to make a warm, snug bed. Baby rabbits can’t see at first. And they haven’t any fur. So the mother never leaves the nest without covering it with more leaves and grass to keep her babies safe.

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TERKINI : Kerajaan Pakatan Harapan Berjiwa rakyat. Sebarkan !! https://youtu.be/s6l87GXen2c

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Rabbit mothers aren’t gentle when their babies are in danger from other animals-such as dogs, foxes, snakes, owls or hawks. They kick hard with their feet and they bite! Jackrabbits and snowshoe rabbits don’t build nests. Their homes are flat places in the grass under tree or in brush heaps. Their babies have fur and can see from birth.

But then they aren’t rabbits. They’re called rabbits. They look like rabbits. But they’re hares. They’re bigger and fatter. Their ears are longer. Their legs are so much longer they could jump across a big living room in one jump..which is about twice as far a rabbit can jump! Snowshoe rabbits turn white in the winter so their enemies can’t easily find them in the snow.

Terkini : What a miracle, thank you Malaysian! ♥♥🇲🇾

Terkini : What a miracle, thank you Malaysian! https://youtu.be/nUiz4YWgbLQ

Posted by Kini YouTube on Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Both rabbits and hares hunt for food at night-juicy green plants and crops in warm weather, berries and bark from trees in the winter. They hide during the day. And if you’ve heard the story about the rabbit jumping into a thorny bush to stay safe..it’s true. They make twisting paths through thorny under brush where their enemies can’t follow.

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