The Ones That Roar

This lion can run faster than your parents are allowed to drive a car through town. It weighs as much as two heavy men. When angry or hungry a lion will charge with great speed. But the rest of the time its steps are slow and lazy. Lions like company. They live in groups in grasslands, desert places and rocky hills. During the day they rest in the shade. Some lions even climb trees and rest in the branches.

Both the mother and father lions hunt for food, usually at night. Like other cats they can see well in dim light. they hunt grazing animals such as wildebeests, zebras and gazelles. Unless they are very hungry, most lions will not attack man or large animal, such as a giraffe or a hippopotamus. Lions that live near a village may steal donkeys or goats or even small cows. Imagine teeth and necks strong enough to lift a cow over a fence!

VIDEO: Anwar tidak lupa Rantau jika jadi Perdana Menteri

Anwar tidak lupa Rantau jika jadi Perdana Menteri

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Lions hunting in groups have been known to work together to catch a fast running gazelle. First some of the lions hide. The others chase the gazelle toward them and the hiding lions spring out and catch it. When a lion hunts alone, it sneaks up on an animal and leaps on it swiftly. Except for African animal parks, there are not many places left where lions still run free. But you cans see them at a circus or a zoo. You would know the father lion by that big fur collar-his mane-and by his sandy colored coat and the dark tuft on his tail.

The mother lion is the same color and a little smaller and has no mane. When her cubs are born, they are no bigger than loaves bread. And they have dark spots which disappear later. You may think of lions as roaring but they growl, grunt and cough too. Sometimes they even purr like giant pussycats.

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Usul pindaan MA63 dibentangkan, Ronald sokong usul.

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Lions-large cats

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