Who Makes Things?

A factory is a building where they make things. Where who makes thing? If we stand outside an automobile factory, maybe we can find out who. Here comes a man we can ask.” Can you make an automobile?” “No”.

No one who works in the automobile factory says that he can make an automobile. How can this be? Today in automobile factories, as in many other factories each worker has his own special job. He’s very good at his job, but he doesn’t know how to do everything necessary to build an automobile.

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It would take a very long time to teach a man to do everything necessary to build an automobile. But when a man has only one special thing to do, he can learn his job quickly and well. Then, the men all working together can make an automobile. Each worker in this automobile factory is a part of an assembly line. This is a line of workers and machines putting the parts of something together.

The different parts that go into an automobile are made at other factories and then sent in trucks or trains to the automobile factory. The inside frame of the car starts moving down the assembly line on a conveyor. A conveyor is a belt or a chain that moves things long.

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As the car frame moves along on the conveyor, each worker is ready to put his part into place. The parts come on other conveyors from the room in the factory where they are kept until needed. They get to the right worker at just the right time.

Some large parts such as outside bodies of the automobiles come on an overhead conveyor. The worker who puts these parts into place pushes a button to move the car body down into place. At the end of the assembly line the last part is put into place. Gasoline and oil are put into the finished car and a worker drives the car away. Soon it will shipped to an automobile salesroom. When each man does his own special job this way, a whole car can be put together in less than two hours.

Fastest workers or high level experts

Fastest workers or high level experts

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