Can You See It?

Can you find the moth in this picture? Unless you look very carefully you may not see it. Its color is so much like that of the plants growing on the bark of the tree that the moth is almost invisible. Not only is it invisible to us but more important it’s invisible to birds and other small animals that capture moths for food.

Video : Sepatah dua dari Timbalan Speaker Dewan Rakyat

Video : Sepatah dua dari Timbalan Speaker Dewan Rakyat

Posted by Kini YouTube on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Many animals have this kind protection. They look so much like the leaves or bark or moss or rocks around them that enemies can’t easily find them.

No matter how closely it matches the scenery, no animal can stay hidden when it is moving. It’s same way when you’re playing hide and seek. If you stay still, the one who is it sometimes doesn’t see you. When you move, he does!

Some animals can’t stay still for very long. So their color changes as they move from place to place. When the flounder rests on pebbles on the ocean bottom, it becomes spotted. It is brown when it is on mud and sandy colored when it is on the sand.

The color of the snowshoe rabbit’s fur doesn’t change when it hops from the place to place. But it does change when the seasons change. In the winter the snowshoe rabbits seems to be just a soft mound in snow. But in the fall its fur becomes the color of the fallen leaves. Even a sharp-eyed fox might pass by without seeing it.

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